Course Summary

It’s fun, portable, cheap, and seriously musical! Learn the basic techniques to get you quickly playing the ukulele: fingering chords, simple strumming patterns and some nifty tricks to make it sound like you’re a seasoned expert. Traditional as well as contemporary songs will be used to explore these techniques.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 14th August - 6 classes

Session ID HWY98903E
14 Aug - 18 Sep 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location ELG
Session Fees
$229 / $218 (conc)
Iliana Jephson

Monday, 22nd October - 6 classes

Session ID HWY98904C
22 Oct - 26 Nov 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$229 / $218 (conc)
Jeff Harrison

Learn this amazing instrument and teaches students basic techniques in how to play the Ukulele.

It’s impossible to be sad when you are around a Ukulele. The inexpensive and portable, 4-stringed instrument has certainly come a long way from its Hawaiian origin and it is now featured in all forms of music including folk, country, pop and indie-rock.

Learn basic techniques during the class and be inspired to continue on with practicing at home post-course.

Bernard used to play in rock bands but was finding that it wasn't as much fun as he had always thought it should be - then in 2005 he discovered the ukulele, and has since got to live out all his rock star dreams! The uke has given him the opportunity to perform interstate and overseas, to appear on radio and TV and to perform at some very prestigious concerts and venues. It's also opened the door to being part of the world-wide ukulele community, the members of which are generous with sharing their talents, skills and knowledge. Bernard taught the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective beginners class as a volunteer over several years, and has taught numerous other classes and workshops.

Bernard has also used the ukulele as a fantastic songwriting tool, and released his 2nd album of original songs (as "The Brass Traps") in 2016.

There is no prerequisite; simply a desire to learn some basic techniques.

Students will need to bring a ukulele to each session.

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