Course Summary

Jacquie Wise teaches you to understand how your thinking influences your mood, your emotions and even creates your life. Learn how to control negative or anxious thoughts and develop optimism. She uses years of experience in this specialised field to explain how the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation really work. Learn how unblock the energy flow that stops things from happening the way you want them to. Scientific evidence confirms the impact of our thoughts on the future we create.

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  • Identify the common mind traps you fall into
  • Recognise external and internal sources of your negative thinking
  • Identify your destructive core beliefs
  • Learn powerful techniques to change negative self-talk to positive
  • Shift the language you use to develop a positive attitude
  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Eight ways to become an optimist
  • Learn 10 ways to develop positive thinking
  • Deal with anxious and worrying persisting thoughts
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to develop awareness, acceptance and detachment from overthinking


Laws of Attraction and Manifestation


  • Overview of how universal laws work and how you can work with them
  • Understand the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation
  • Essential principles of the Law of Manifestation
  • Learn how to create the life you want
  • How to build your power to manifest/attract what you really want
  • Build a ‘bank account’ to fund your power to manifest
  • What happens when it doesn’t work—why and what to do about it
  • Where are you investing your energy?
  • What you resist persists—why?
  • Deal with competing ‘wants’
  • Clear any blockages that stop your life from flowing in the direction you want
  • Identify what your subconscious is really trying to tell you
  • Learn how you can want something consciously but your subconscious can sabotage it
  • Affirmations to help you open the way
  • Key factors to success


You will learn how to become aware of your automatic thinking habits.

You will walk away with a number of practical strategies to start shifting a negative attitude into a positive, optimistic way of being.


You will be better able to control your anxious and worrying thoughts.

Jacquie Wise is a psychotherapist and life coach who has spent a lifetime providing assistance to clients and students across a range of Personal Development themes, focusing on positive personal effectiveness and professional development.

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