Course Summary

The Alps were always a majestic natural protective wall for the Apennine peninsula, the home of present day Italy. But there is a gap in the wall – a weak spot exploited by various conquerors over centuries. On the other hand, the gap has served the residents of the peninsula as a route for expansion. Explore the history of this passageway over four sessions, with author and historian Alex Potocnik.

Author Historian Alex Potocnik

Alex J. Potocnik has completed a degree in Architecture at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and a graduate diploma of Animation and Interactive Multimedia at Swinburne University in Melbourne. Before returning to Melbourne in 2016, he was Associate Partner at the Ad Pirum Institute in Ljubljana where he was mainly involved in the protection of architectural heritage. During that period, he wrote a number of books and articles covering mostly history and heritage protection in Central Europe. He is currently completing post-graduate history studies at Monash University.

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