Course Summary

The Battle of Fromelles was Australia’s initiation to warfare on the Western Front. With the recent anniversary of World War I, it’s an ideal time to explore an Australian perspective to the Great War. Why did so many young men and women choose to join a war on the other side of the world? Where and how did they fight and, too often die? Follow the path of one soldier among many from a suburban childhood to the Western Front and the Battle of Fromelles.

Dr Richard Stone has long been intrigued by history and fascinated by human creativity. An extended period of tertiary study produced a Degree in Art History and Music along with Diplomas in Art and Design and in Education, followed by a satisfying 30-year career as a teacher and lecturer in independent schools. Throughout his teaching career, Richard also practised as a painter and photographer and satisfied an urge to travel by developing a program of European study tours. Since the mid-90s, Richard has accompanied more than 20 groups of secondary students and adults to various destinations in search of cultural enlightenment. Richard has been teaching at the CAE since 2016, sharing his enthusiasm for history, literature and the arts through a range of talks. 


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