Course Summary

The Battle of Fromelles was Australia’s initiation to warfare on the Western Front. With the recent anniversary of World War I, it’s an ideal time to explore an Australian perspective to the Great War. Why did so many young men and women choose to join a war on the other side of the world? Where and how did they fight and, too often die? Follow the path of one soldier among many from a suburban childhood to the Western Front and the Battle of Fromelles.

Course Sessions

Friday, 29th November - 3 classes

Session ID DNAB1201C
29 Nov - 13 Dec 11:30am - 1:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$145 / $138 (conc)
Richard Stone

This course explores Australia’s role, focusing on both individuals and in general, with a keen focus on the famous battle of Fromelles.

Students gain a better understanding of the historic times, in particular, the impact on and reactions to, by Australians, both in general and by individuals.

Richard Stone is an experienced lecturer focusing on history, Literature and Philosophy. He provides a relaxed and inviting class room environment and is pleased to meet both students well-versed on the theme, as well as students keen to be introduced to the topic. 

There is no prerequisite for enrolling in this course.

It is suggested that you bring a notebook and pen to the sessions.

For those students with a specific interest in the subject, as well as those with a general interest in either history, Australian history or military history.

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