Course Summary

Swedish Intermediate 2 is the second Intermediate level course offered at CAE and is a continuation course focused on deepening all the conversation and grammatical skills students have learnt so far. It provides the second level of more advanced Swedish and aims to give students an even better understanding of the languages and cultures that make up the country along with a better insight into Swedish culture and current events. This course is ideal for people who have studied Swedish previously and who may have plans on travelling, living in or working in Sweden, along with people who interact with Swedes regularly and would like some more background on Swedish culture and customs.

Course Sessions

Monday, 19th February - 9 classes

Session ID DLY66201C
19 Feb - 30 Apr 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$349 / $332 (conc)
Carolina Bodin

No class on Mar.12 & Apr.2, 2018

This 27-hour course focuses on speaking and listening so that students can communicate effectively on more advanced topics, such as


  • Swedish history and how it relates to the rest of the Nordic countries
  • How to tell a good story, and making small talk around events that have taken place recently
  • Travelling and tourism trends in Sweden and abroad
  • News and current events in Sweden
  • Famous and infamous Swedes and personalities form Swedish culture


Students will get the opportunity to use all their grammar skills, and focus on practical uses of all grammar structures learnt to date. The course aims to put all language skills into practical use, thus allowing students to build and broaden their vocabulary, reading and speaking skills.


The class will be held entirely in Swedish, giving students the ability to practice their spoken language skills continuously while in class.    

By the end of the course, students should have:


  • A broader vocabulary, with a good understanding of regional differences in the Swedish language
  • The ability to write a variety of texts, including a news-style article and a narrative text
  • A better grasp of Swedish history and how Sweden relates to other Nordic countries and cultures
  • The ability to tell a story and make small talk around current events and news
  • A better understanding of the different ways verbs are used in spoken conversation to denote time

Swedish Intermediate 1 or approximately 150 hours of study.

Suitable for people who are intending to visit, live, study or do business in Sweden or those who simply want to get a deeper understanding of the Swedish language, culture and way of life.

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