Course Summary

Tai Chi is a system of exercise devoted to physical and mental wellbeing, its origins drawing upon Chinese martial arts. This course introduces you to many of the fundamental movements of Yang style Tai Chi, as well as the ancient Chinese exercises known as Ba Duan Jin. Using a series of slow movements and postures called forms, you utilise slow, flowing movement to develop your intrinsic energy. Gain awareness of the motions of muscles and joints, breathing and movement and experience the restorative effects of mindful exercise. Take time to learn the slow gentle movements of Tai Chi and work towards harmony of mind and a supple body

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

This course exposes students to a traditional Chinese activity that provides students with a positive health and wellbeing experience. The teacher will demonstrate and explain the slow movements for students to follow and practise. The emphasis is on learning by doing. A few movements will be taught at each session, plus an explanation of Chinese Tai Chi philosophy. Deepen existing skills and learn variations of forms and new techniques of movement.

This course exposes students to a positive and beneficial activity that can be embraced during the course, and continued post-course.

Please dress for comfort.

For those with a specific interest in the course topic, as well as students with a general interest in health, fitness and wellbeing activities.

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