Course Summary

The ‘new normal’ includes presenting more often online, for meetings or job interviews.  Don’t wait until you’re caught by surprise, or worse, miss an opportunity because you’re not confident. This highly-interactive course guarantees personal attention. 

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 8th February - 3 classes

Session ID DNT50701C
8 Feb - 22 Feb 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$199 / $189 (conc)
Jacquie Wise
  • Techniques for overcoming nerves
  • Quick and efficient ways to plan a presentation (especially on short notice)
  • 5 choices for organising and prioritising the points you want to make
  • How to time your presentation and stick to the time limit you’ve been given
  • How to plan and deliver an effective presentation
  • Strategies to convince, persuade, or entertain your listeners
  • Key pointers to make supporting visuals come alive
  • How not to kill your audience with boredom
  • If required: how to give a memorable wedding or special-occasion speech
  • How to deliver an effective job interview presentation
  • You’ll gain all the strategies you need to prepare and present comfortably
  • You’ll be able to prepare dynamic PowerPoints and other visual aids
  • You’ll have the opportunity to give a short presentation in a safe environment
  • You’ll receive encouraging feedback and recommendations
  • You’ll know the secrets of overcoming nerves

Jacquie Wise has been a professional speaker for over 35 years.  Her engagements range from keynote speaking at conferences and clubs and corporate training workshops, to guest appearances on national radio and television, to facilitating intimate workshops. For 20 years, Jacquie produced and presented her own weekly radio show Wise Ways on 3SCBFM. Jacquie is a psychotherapist who specialises in confidence building and achieving success and happiness in life. Her highly participative workshops continue to gain enthusiastic responses. 

Student endorsements:

  • ‘As you know, the very thought of presenting at an international conference was terrifying.  Thank you so much for the feedback you gave me in class. You helped me get every detail perfect.  You’ll also be pleased to know that the conference organisers told me that my (your!) presentation and visuals were the best of the conference. Praise indeed!’ BF
  • ‘I used to be completely overwhelmed at the thought of standing up in front of people, but now I can present to my management without being phased. I even enjoy presenting and I never thought I’d be able to say that!’ RL
  • ‘The structure and ideas you gave me for my speech at my best friend’s wedding have been fantastic. I’m not so worried now you’ve made it less daunting.’ PK

Bring a large notepad and pen suitable for diagrams and planning.

Prepare a five-minute presentation on a topic of your choice to deliver in the second week.

Designed for nervous beginners, and those who have been thrust into giving presentations, face-to-face or online, and who have had no chance to develop confidence.  Those who need to present themselves and their skills confidently in job interviews.

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