Course Summary

If you aspire to start-up your own business; or are presently running your own small business but would like to take it to the next level, it is important to understand the key levers that can positively influence the intended outcome. Commencing with an overview of the basics in this course, experienced business operator and tutor, Keat Chiew will also provide an in-depth discussion, dissection and provide clarity on how to analyse business situation analysis, develop your business model and hone your business strategy.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Throughout the course you will learn about the following:

 Session 1:

  • The importance of planning and executing your business idea in a logical manner.
  • Understanding your core competence, business operating landscape and refining your business model before rushing into a business plan.
  • Product authenticity and determining your addressable market segment.

 Session 2:

  • Setting up a business that is compliant.
  • Learning to dissect and develop a solid understanding of your business operating landscape.
  • Self-access your competencies and discover strengths and gaps in your skillsets.
  • How to uncover opportunities and identify threats to your business idea.
  • The importance of competitor profiling and how external factors can potentially impact the business.

Session 3:

  • Develop and articulate your business model.
  • Understanding your customers and how to engage them.
  • Operational aspects of the business and develop your business network early.
  • Understanding basic financial acumen for managing your expenses and revenue stream.

Session 4:

  • Develop a business strategy.
  • Learn how to align your business and marketing plans by developing measurable goals..
  • The 3 important aspects of marketing.
  • Importance of branding and the understanding how to develop a cohesive marketing strategy.

Gain an insight, core advice and strategy that will assist you in your business .

With more 20 years of past international marketing and business management experience with blue-chip organizations, Keat Chiew brings best-in-class and practical business knowledge to the business courses he facilitates.

Keat is passionate about business mentoring, training and facilitating. Presently, in addition to CAE, he facilitates a Diploma of Business and certificate level business courses with two other registered training organizations (RTOs). Since 2014, Keat also volunteers as a business mentor with the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) where he has assisted countless Victorian small business owners to untangle their business issues or help pursue their business aspirations.

Keat also runs his own business advisory firm where he has clients from a diverse business sectors both in Australia and internationally.

Keat enjoys cycling and listening to his modest vinyl collection when free.

For those with an interest in starting up a business or who are presently running a business and keen to take it to the next level.

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