Course Summary

This weekend course provides a practical introduction to fundamental silversmithing techniques. Traditional techniques of forging, raising and sinking, as well as general fabrication methods, will be used to create objects such as vessels, table ware or small sculptures in copper, brass or silver. These techniques can also be applied to making jewellery pieces if students wish.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 15th January - 2 classes

Session ID HVV59301C
15 Jan - 16 Jan 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$299 / $284 (conc)
Claire Mcardle

Saturday, 2nd February - 2 classes

Session ID HVV59302C
2 Feb - 9 Feb 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$299 / $284 (conc)
Jason Patterson

An introduction to the basic properties of metal will complement the largely practical nature of the course. Projects may include:

•sinking a small dish into a wooden block
•raising a small bowl over a steel stake
•doming and shaping a spoon or other utensil
•forming a cuff or other jewellery piece

Students may also come up with their own project

In addition, course content will include:

•how to texture surfaces through rolling, embossing and chasing.
•instruction in basic saw piercing, soldering, drilling, riveting, filing and polishing
•advice on how to continue making things beyond the course
•advice on great galleries, shops and websites to visit for ideas.

Students will leave the course with finished pieces as well as knowledge of fundamental silversmithing techniques and an understanding of what can be achieved. They will also have gained some valuable hand skills. In addition, we hope students will be inspired to continue using their newfound knowledge and skills after the completion of the course.

This course is suitable for beginners

Copper and brass is provided but those students wishing to use silver will be required to purchase their own. Advice will be provided on where, what and how to purchase.

The course will suit students wishing to explore the forming and shaping of metal and the way metals behave while being worked. It will also be of interest to experienced jewellery students seeking to expand their skills and knowledge.

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