Course Summary

Shiatsu is form of massage treatment from Japan, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of balancing ” Chi ” ( Qi). The treatment is carried out on a futon on the floor with clothing worn so no need to disrobe.

Stretches are used to determine range of movement of the person and to expose the areas in need of treatment.
Shiatsu massage can assist with many conditions including:

• Stiff neck, shoulders, hips and back pain
• Digestive problems
• Stress relief
• Assist with circulation problems
• Calm the mind

In this course students will be introduced to the various stretch and treatment regimes used in actual Shiatsu treatments.
The course will give an overview of when and why stretches are used in shiatsu treatment, body positioning and correct movement of both yourself as a practitioner and your client. This will assist you to understand how Shiatsu uses the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Basic techniques will be explained and practised in groups on futons.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 9th November - 6 classes

Session ID DJAT3102C
9 Nov - 14 Dec 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$275 / $261 (conc)
Denis Welby

Denis Welby created The Yoga Den as a place for people looking to improve their wellbeing by rebalancing the connection between their mind and body in a safe and supported environment.
Denis has practised Iyengar & Shadow yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for over 10 years

“I believe through consistently practising yoga and Stretch therapy, a person will vastly improve how they move through everyday life.
After many years of study and practice I am a firm believer in the ancient Asian wellbeing philosophy of endeavouring to maintain balance physically, emotionally and energetically.
​The desire to assist people in achieving this all round balance has led me to provide shiatsu and oriental therapies to compliment yoga & stretch therapy classes.”

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