Course Summary

This course aims to extend the vocabulary and grammar concepts students have already mastered, and to give them extensive practice in speaking Russian.

Language Modules at CAE


Elementary:  Levels 1 to 6

Understands and communicates simple personal and work-related messages.

Intermediate: 1 – 4

Understands and communicates any important information both in writing and orally.

Advanced: 1 – 4

–  Can understand, communicate and put into practice standard information both in everyday life and work related situations.

–  Puts complex information into practice, both in everyday life and in work situations, presentations and meetings.

Proficient: 1 – 4

Expert: 1 – 6

If you have previous knowledge in a particular language, we will be happy to suggest a course for you, give us a call and we will assess your skills. 9652 0611

Please visit CAE Customer Service Centre or phone 9652 0611 to enquire about enrolling in this course

The following topic will be covered in this course:

  • Everyday situations and practical application of the language (talking about weather, holidays, expressing opinions and preferences etc.)
  • Continued vocabulary building
  • Further development of essential grammar topics via exercises and class drills, with further understanding of cases
  • Introduction of verbs of motion
  • Building the everyday use of numbers
  • Ongoing practice through listening, reading, writing and engaging in oral dialogues in a group environment
  • Understanding the grammar structure behind the content learnt, in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Cultural references to assist in understanding the application of Russian in everyday life

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Use numerals with confidence;
  • Have a broader understanding of common everyday situations and the ability to engage in conversations;
  • Capably write some connected texts;
  • Continue understanding of the grammar structure behind the content learnt;
  • Build basic conversations with a focus on practical scenarios;
  • Feel more comfortable travelling and interacting with people in Russian speaking countries;
  • Build a solid base for those who intend to continue studying Russian.

Russian 2 or about 35 hours of previous study.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not completed RUSSIAN: ELEMENTARY 2 contact CAE on 96520611 for a free language skill assessment prior to enrolling into this course.


N.B. CAE withdrawal policy does not allow for refund or transfer once the course has started in the event that the level of the class is not suitable.

The course is ideal for people who intend to travel to Russia for business or leisure, or communicate with Russian speakers in Melbourne. It is aimed at those who would like to develop competence in spoken and written Russian and who wish to communicate on everyday topics, building on what they have learned in previous study.

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