Course Summary

Learn resin casting and mould preparation techniques. Embed fabric, paper and various small objects to create unique jewellery objects.


Course Sessions

Saturday, 23rd May - 2 classes

Session ID HVAS9602C
23 May - 30 May 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$399 / $379 (conc)
Stacey Rutigliano

Saturday, 8th August - 2 classes

Session ID HVAS9603C
8 Aug - 15 Aug 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$399 / $379 (conc)
Stacey Rutigliano

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Create small scale resin objects suitable for jewellery and other small scale projects
  • Casting with fast setting resin and long setting resins
  • Exploring the use of found object to embed in resin
  • Exploring the use of colour pigments with resin
  • Creating 1-part moulds for resin casting with found or hand sculpted objects
  • Finishing processes including sanding and polishing


  • Students will create a number of small scale objects that are suitable for a range of different jewellery applications. These are based on multi purpose shapes such as disks, triangles, half moons and bangles created from moulds that are supplied for student use during the class.
  • Students will also learn how use and create their own silicone moulds based on their own designs from found objects that they can take home at the end of the class.
  • Students will learn finishing and polishing techniques that they can apply to their previously cast pieces so they are finished and ready to wear and/or display by the end of the class.


This class is delivered by Sarah and Stacey from Flock Curiosity Assembly, a creative jewellery partnership of Sarah Byrne and Stacey Rutigliano formed in 2009.

Sarah and Stacey are inspired by a mutual love of unusual and unconventional colour combinations in the form of edgy statement designs for everyday and every event wear. Every piece is designed, sculpted, cast and finished by Flock Curiosity Assembly in their home-based Melbourne studios.

Feel free to bring along materials to embed into resin such as fabric, decorated paper or magazine pages, coloured thread or ribbon, shells, dry plant material and small plastic parts. Generally, sharp metallic parts should be avoided. Note that glass objects cannot readily be reproduced. 

For safety, please wear covered toe shoes (no sandals) and bring an apron or shirt to protect your clothes. Long hair must be tied back and please do not wear any loose/dangly jewellery.

Students who are pregnant, have skin or respiratory allergies, or who are sensitive to paints or chemicals are recommended to buy respirator masks equipped with charcoal filters for organic solvents. CAE supply P2 safety masks to all other students.




This class is suited to complete beginners and those with previous jewellery making experience


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