Course Summary

All aboard the e-train!

The world of publishing has changed forever. Electronic books are selling in unprecedented numbers while E-readers are more readily available than ever before. Authors are suddenly presented with a myriad of options that doesn’t involve waiting years to be accepted by a mainstream publisher, but the big question is where to begin? This course, presented by author, publishing and marketing consultant Julie Postance, will discuss how you can get your book into the electronic publishing world for devices such as the Kindle, iPad and Kobo. You will learn about preparation, publishing and marketing strategies.


  • The e-publishing revolution and the impact on retail booksellers and the printed book.
  • Massive increases in the sales of e-readers.
  • Kindle author success stories.
  • The world of Amazon; the largest book retailer on the planet.
  • Preparing your book for the e-formats.
  • Cover design.
  • Publishing your book for the Kindle.
  • Marketing your e-book for the Kindle.
  • The Kindle lending library program.
  • Further work on book covers and their importance.
  • The world of Smashwords.
  • Preparing your e-book for various other formats, such as the iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony & Kobo e-readers.
  • Further marketing strategies.

Who is this course for?

You do not need to have written a book already to attend this class. If you have written one then by all means bring it in, everything you learn can directly apply to this. Those who are interested in exploring electronic publishing but have not yet written something will for the sake of the class use an ‘imaginary example book’ to apply all concepts.

What to bring:

Please bring along a pen and paper to each session.

Please visit CAE Customer Service Centre or phone 9652 0611 to enquire about enrolling in this course

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