Course Summary

This discussion-based course will consider the concepts of Populism and Tyranny and Patriotism and Treason using a ‘case-study’ approach.

Questions posed will include:

  • What do we mean when using these terms?
  • Are these concepts shaped by time and context?
  • What, if any, are common personal characteristics of people labelled with these terms?
  • Do they display common behavioural characteristics?
  • Are there similarities between tyrants and traitors of previous centuries and those of modern populists and patriots? How do such leaders gain, exercise and abuse power?
  • How do people resist? Has ‘retribution’ changed over the ages?
  • Over time, do judgements of both groups sometimes change and why?

Extensive resource material will be provided. Over the three series ‘older tyrants’ such as Henry VIII and Napoleon Bonaparte; 20th century leaders such as Mao Zedong, Stalin and Kaiser Wilhelm II; and more recent ‘strongmen’/populists such as Putin, Kim Il-un and Donald Trump will provide our ‘case studies’.

Series 1

Definition and development of theoretical understanding of the concepts of tyranny and treason.

Kaiser Wilhelm II, Stalin and Putin

Series 2:

Case studies will concentrate on Napoleon Bonaparte, Mao Zedong and Kim il-un.

 Series 3:

Case studies will concentrate on Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, Donald Trump and emerging

‘autocrats’ such as Recep ErdoÄŸan (Turkey) and Viktor Orbán.

Delivered by:

Pam Chessell has been teaching for what feels like forever. She’s taught in big schools and small schools, rural schools and city schools. Government and independent, schools for boys, schools for girls.; even co-educational. For eighteen years Pam was the principal on an independent girls’ school. 

You could say, she’s been heavily involved in education for the longest of times.

She was especially stimulated by her work as a member of the English Methods Staff in the Education Faculty at Monash University.  She was commissioned to write the history for the centenary of her former school.

When her children were young, Pam took many VCE and sessional classes with the CAE. She relished the opportunities provided to design and implement courses and curriculum design became a major professional interest. During those years, she wrote many textbooks, mostly for English studies at all levels.

In retirement she has maintained her interest in course design and especially in history; exploring subjects such as how past events and people have shaped our present world.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 9th August - 4 classes

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9 Aug - 30 Aug 10:30am - 12:00pm
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$189 / $180 (conc)
Pamela Chessell
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