Course Summary

Some say that human life is meaningless, or absurd. How so? If this is true, how should we feel, and what should we do about it? On the other hand, if life has or can have a meaning, what is it, and how do we find it? Join Dr. Doug Adeney to examine these questions and consider various responses including those of Leo Tolstoy, Albert Camus, Thomas Nagel and Monty Python.

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 24th July - 3 classes

Session ID DNAD5001C
24 Jul - 7 Aug 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$149 / $142 (conc)
Douglas Adeney

Dr Doug Adeney explores the theme of Philosophy & the Meaning of Life over, what is sure to be, three fascinating sessions. Come along and enjoy the discussion, offer your opinion and appreciate those of the other participants.

Gain a better understand of the topic under discussion and hopefully, the inspiration to further explore it, post-course.

Dr. Douglas Allen Adeney is a Hon. Senior Fellow, Philosophy, University of Melbourne, recently retired from the Melbourne University Philosophy Department. Doug has lectured in Australia and overseas and returns to CAE again to share his knowledge, passion and insight into the fascinating world of Philosophy.

There is no prerequisite for enrolling in this course.

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