Course Summary

Think of something you would love to paint and together we will investigate the layers of that painting, enabling you to see your paintings in a light you may never have seen before.
Whether it be contemporary, abstract, expressive or just inspiring to you, the piece you choose will be broken down and explained into a simplified language.
Dimension and thickening mediums are explored and the freedom of expression and experimentation are encouraged too.

Course Sessions

Thursday, 13th February - 5 classes

Session ID HXAT5301C
13 Feb - 12 Mar 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$419 / $398 (conc)
Donna Racovalis


DMR (Donna Racovalis) is a self-taught local Melbourne based artist who has a passion for Pallet knife Art.

DMR enjoys building esteem through art and doesn’t hold back teaching all the techniques she knows. Helping her students let go of the outside world DMR brings her students into her multi-dimensional world. DMR is an intuitive patient teacher and is learner focused. DMR personalises her teaching even in a group setting and allows her students to grow at their own speed without the pressure of conventional teaching.

Utilising interesting recyclable materials DMRs’ own works are flamboyant, expressive and fun in nature and will make you smile. DMR has taught on television, cruise ships, in the education system and more. Representing Galleries in Sorrento and Albert Park DMR finds herself drawn to the sea and the creatures in them. Researching different subjects giving them a voice by bringing them to life with bright vivacious colours and neutrals too. DMR’s signature is made up of manmade materials sunk into resin.

Please bring the following materials to your first class:
•Canvas double primed preferred (x2 Medium size)
•Small, medium and large pallet knives.
•Assorted acrylic paints
•Assorted brushes
•Jar (empty)
•Mattisse/Derivan impasto and gel medium

**Please Note**
•Please choose an idea or image within you capability
•Your paint colours will vary according to your chosen image or idea.
•Please ask at any art supplies shop as to the colours you may need

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