Course Summary

Enjoy the freedom of experimenting with paint through the unique technique of palette knifing. Australian artist, Donna Racovalis (DMR), shows you how to let go of the finer details of a brush and release yourself from the pressures of perfection. Students will develop the confidence to move freely with a palette knife and discover their own style of art.  Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.


DMR (Donna Racovalis) is a self-taught local Melbourne based artist who has a passion for Pallet knife Art.

DMR enjoys building esteem through art and doesn’t hold back teaching all the techniques she knows. Helping her students let go of the outside world DMR brings her students into her multi-dimensional world. DMR is an intuitive patient teacher and is learner focused. DMR personalises her teaching even in a group setting and allows her students to grow at their own speed without the pressure of conventional teaching.

Utilising interesting recyclable materials DMRs’ own works are flamboyant, expressive and fun in nature and will make you smile. DMR has taught on television, cruise ships, in the education system and more. Representing Galleries in Sorrento and Albert Park DMR finds herself drawn to the sea and the creatures in them. Researching different subjects giving them a voice by bringing them to life with bright vivacious colours and neutrals too. DMR’s signature is made up of manmade materials sunk into resin.


Course Sessions

Thursday, 21st October - 6 classes

Session ID HXAS6404C
21 Oct - 18 Nov 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$439 / $417 (conc)
Donna Racovalis

Please bring the following materials to your first:

Acrylic Paints: Black, white x2, burnt umber (No brand preference, all at least 75ml)

Tools: Standard pallet knife, small pallet knife, apron, empty water jar, rags x2

Brushes: Large firm flat brush, small round bristle brush, small thin brush

Medium: Impasto medium, (Atelier Gloss medium optional at $16 extra).

Surface: Canvas x1 (roughly 35cm x 45cm) (or inches 14”x 18”)

Essential Extras: 2B pencil

Further materials required will be discussed in the first session. It is expected that materials are likely to cost approx. $50 total.


Notification of a class cancellation will be advised 48 hours prior to the course commencement date. We advise to purchase your materials once you have received email confirmation that your class is proceeding as scheduled. All efforts are made to ensure that our classes proceed to avoid disappointment.

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