Course Summary

Unsure whether to choose Painting or Drawing? Try both! Get into painting and drawing using charcoal, ink, acrylic and pastels. Beginning with black & white, then moving into an understanding of colour, students will explore basic aspects of representing an image, in a relaxed and supportive environment. Covers composition, representation, abstraction and colour theory.

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In this course students will be introduced to painting and drawing and cover the following areas:
Introduction to drawing still life with charcoal
Ink and pastels exploring space, form and tone
Introduction to painting still life using acrylic paints
Using colour temperature mixing methods
Exploring painting and drawing issues

A broad introduction of basic drawing techniques, use of materials, composition and colour theory.
Students will be able to make an informed decision for further art studies intended for either pleasure or a more professional artistic practice

Please bring to your first class the following drawing materials:

– 4B pencil

– 2 sticks willow charcoal

– Two bulldog clips

– 12 sheets A4 and 6 sheets A3 inexpensive drawing paper eg. butchers paper


Further materials requirements will be discussed in the first session. It is expected that materials are likely to cost approx $120 depending on how much you may already own.


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