Course Summary

Join chef Shlomo Zimmer as he presents a range of enticing Middle Eastern mezze. His demonstration will showcase a variety of dishes, including salads, dips, sweets and traditional Arabic recipes. 

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 12th October - 1 class

Session ID DHY81901C
12 Oct - 12 Oct 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$175 / $166 (conc)
Shlomo Zimmer

This course will offer students a broad variety of dishes to replicate at home. This may include fatoush salad with buttermilk, pumpkin tahini dip, Mejadra, cauliflower tabouleh salad, hummus with ground beef and pine nuts, and perfectly sweet briouats with dates.

Shlomo Zimmer grew up with an inspirational melting pot of cultures, food and traditions, from North Africa to Eastern Europe. 

Please bring a notebook and pen to the session.

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