Course Summary

Mandarin Intermediate 1 is a course for students who have completed about 100 hours study of Mandarin. The content of the course has been selected to suit those wanting to interact socially with the Chinese-speaking community in Melbourne and overseas.
It is also suitable for prospective travellers and those who would like to continue learning Mandarin for enjoyment and cultural insight.
The content is presented in an accessible and non-threatening way and opportunities are constantly provided for students to read, write and communicate in Mandarin.


Course Sessions

Tuesday, 5th February - 13 classes

Session ID DLV86601C
5 Feb - 30 Apr 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$349 / $332 (conc)
Eric Fu

Elementary 6 or about 100 hours of the previous study.
It is assumed that students have completed 100 hours study of Mandarin or the equivalent; have developed initial skills in using Mandarin for everyday situations and they are able to recognise a minimum of 200 characters and are able to write most of the characters.

Textbook: New Practical Chinese Reader 2 (2nd Edition) ISBN: 9787561928950

Workbook: New Practical Chinese Reader (2nd Edition) ISBN: 9787561928936

Available from:

CHINA BOOKS (Melbourne)

2nd Floor, 234 Swanston Street, 
Melbourne, Victoria 3000 
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Int. Fax +613 9663 8821

Language International Retail / Showroom
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Suitable for students with a good basic knowledge of Mandarin and who would like to further strengthen their knowledge of the language.

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