Course Summary

CAE’s travellers program is delivered as a 12-hour course. It is designed to facilitate travellers’ interaction with native speakers and to support their needs while travelling. The course is very hands-on and conversation-based. Opportunities are constantly created for travellers to practice potential interactions with locals when they reach their destination. CAE Travellers Courses are conducted in a friendly and encouraging manner and will provide you with the language skills to further appreciate and enjoy your destination.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 18th May - 6 classes

Session ID DLAO4403C
18 May - 22 Jun 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$274 / $260 (conc)

Class materials included in fee.

CAE will provide a Lonely Planet phrasebook to students to take over their trip!

Also students will receive a traveller’s booklet to support the activities to be conducted in class.

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