Course Summary

Are you your own harshest critic? Have you been crushed by criticism from others? Low self esteem prevents you from achieving success in all areas of life, from your career to your relationships, to your happiness.  Learn practical techniques with Jacquie Wise to help you begin to believe in yourself.  Lift your self-esteem and your confidence to become the person you already are deep inside, a person you can like, respect and love.

  • The difference between self-esteem or self-worth and self-confidence
  • Does your self-concept cause you distress?
  • How to build self-esteem
  • 18 ways of perpetuating low self esteem
  • How to build confidence
  • Things that drain your confidence
  • Is your self-esteem growing, or are you stagnating in a self-created rut?
  • What are you really like?
  • Taking stock: what others like about you
  • Taking stock: Identify your personality traits
  • Taking stock: Identify your assets and abilities
  • Becoming the best version of ‘me’
  • step-by-step process for raising your self esteem
  • Identify the shifts you need to make
  • 16 dynamic principles of success


Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Please bring along a pen and paper. 

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