Course Summary

With Liz Ede, enjoy a gentle exercise to music course that will help keep your joints healthy, muscles toned and mind active. Work at your own pace with safe exercises suitable for the older adult, all to music that you like to hear.

Course Sessions

Thursday, 19th July - 10 classes

Session ID DJC42303C
19 Jul - 20 Sep 11:45am - 12:45pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$199 / $190 (conc)
Liz Ede

The sessions are planned and paced professionally, and progress according to the needs of the individuals in the class.

  • Rhythmic movement to gently warm up the body
  • Gentle stretching to increase range of movement
  • Easy social dances and routines for fun and fitness
  • Strength, co-ordination and balance work is included as there may be loss in these areas in later life
  • Floor (chair if preferred) work and a short relaxation conclude the session
  • Enjoyment of exercise, greater ease of movement and a sense of relaxation
  • Encouragement to work at your own level; exercises can be adapted to suit injuries or weak areas
  • Increase general fitness and improve wellbeing and the quality of life in the years ahead
  • Focus on the preventative role of exercise in maintaining your health

Men and women who wish to increase their physical wellbeing and would like to pursue a preventative approach to health. If you seek a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and prefer to learn and socially interact with students of a similar age – usually 50 – 70+ years – this course is for you!

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