Course Summary

Looking for a jewellery course that allows you to explore different forms and create beautiful pieces with minimal tools and experience? In this course students are encouraged to design and make their own jewellery using the lost wax casting technique. You will learn about the casting process and get hands on experience in crafting jewellery and the techniques involved in finishing and polishing pieces.

Pieces are cast in brass or silver. Small pieces cast in brass are covered by course fees; however silver pieces are paid for by students.

Course Sessions

Sunday, 23rd February - 2 classes

Session ID HVG24401C
23 Feb - 1 Mar 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$379 / $360 (conc)

Using the lost wax casting method, create precious or non-precious jewellery such as brooches, rings, pendants, cuff links, necklaces and small sculptural items. Course includes modelling in wax to produce original artwork. You may also use organic material including, seedpods and leaves or non-organic material such as moulded plastic items.

Please note: The casting process is thoroughly explained by the tutor, but the final casting is carried out by an external supplier.

Gain a knowledge of the lost-wax casting process, model making, an understanding of a range of production techniques in relation to the jewellery industry and practical skills in the finishing, including polishing of precious and non-precious metal items. A relaxed workshop environment with demonstrations at each stage of projects.

Please bring to class notebook and pen.

Wax and other basic materials provided. Extra costs will depend on the scale of your project and choice of materials.  The course fee covers the making of small jewellery and/or objects in wax that can then be commerically cast in brass or, for an addtitional fee, in silver, payable by the student.

For safety, please wear covered toe shoes (no sandals) and bring an apron or shirt to protect your clothes.  Long hair must be tied back.

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