Course Summary

For that next birthday, engagement or other special occasion, learn to create your own jewellery! We teach you how to make both traditional and contemporary jewellery pieces in our highly popular jewellery making course. CAE offers teaching and specialist facilities you won’t find anywhere else. Learn to create rings, brooches, pendants and earrings using various materials like sheet metal and wire. Students also learn ring-making, wire techniques and saw-piercing. Basic materials included in the fee.


Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Students work on a series of projects initiated by the teacher, allowing them to cover basic jewellery techniques, including:

  • ring-making
  • wire techniques
  • saw-piercing
  • bending
  • shaping
  • twisting
  • filing of metals
  • silver soldering
  • metal finishing and polishing
  • ear hooks
  • drilling holes

Techniques and processes are demonstrated and then undertaken by students in this hands-on class. Students can expect to make at least 2 items (more, if time permits) as guided by the tutor, eg. ring, brooch, pendant, earrings.

Please note: this is a suggested outline for beginners and may be altered with negotiation, depending on individual working pace and level of difficulty for each project.

Students work with non-ferrous metals (copper is supplied) or they may choose to work with precious metals (e.g. silver or gold, which students can supply).

Returning students and those with more experience are welcome in the class, where they can work on projects of their own and at their own pace, with assistance from the tutor as required.

If you’re a new student you will acquire knowledge and techniques to make at least two jewellery pieces. You will also gain an understanding of precious metals and how they relate to the jewellery industry. Return students can further build upon their skills and acquire further and more complex techniques.

Please bring to class:

  • Some design ideas or an aesthetic you like. If you’re not sure, the teacher can help on the day.
  • A sketchpad, pencil and apron of some type to protect your clothing.
  • We provide a base metal of copper for you to work with, included in your course fees.
  • For students interested in working with silver, information about where to purchase this metal will be provided by your tutor during the first class. This will be at students own cost (e.g. approx. $2.00 per gram). Continuing students will already have information about silver purchasing from previous course notes. 
  • For safety reasons, please wear covered-toe shoes (no sandals) and bring an apron or shirt to protect your clothes. Long hair must be tied back. 

This course is ideal for beginners with no prior jewellery-making knowledge but it also caters for more experienced students.

It will interest those who want to try their hand at jewellery-making at a more professional level than a basic hobbyist. It will also appeal to students with a desire to realise their own designs using non-ferrous and precious metals.

Continuing students who have done this course previously or have prior experience in jewellery-making are also welcome to join, to further their skill and knowledge by working on their own projects, with guidance from the tutor.

Sculptors and small-scale silverware makers may also find these skills useful.

Last updated: June 30, 2022 04:30pm