Course Summary

The long struggle to create a unified nation now behind them, the leaders of the new Kingdom of Italy sought to convince a disparate populace of their achievement, but a deeply entrenched division between North and South, an intransigent Pope, the rise of socialism and a climate of economic uncertainty presented serious obstacles. The outbreak of war in 1914 further divided the country and accelerated the rise of the ambitious, opportunistic Benito Mussolini who proceeded to dominate the stage until 1943.

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Richard Stone is an experienced lecturer focusing on history, Literature and Philosophy. He provides a relaxed and inviting class room environment and is pleased to meet both students well-versed on the theme, as well as students keen to be introduced to the topic. 

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It is suggested that you bring a notebook and pen to the sessions.

For those students with a specific interest in the subject, as well as those with a general interest in either history, Australian history or military history.

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