Course Summary

This hands-on course will help you get up and running with your iPad, teaching you how to make the most of the many features available and understand exactly what makes this incredibly useful piece of technology so popular.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 7th May - 1 class

Session ID SRV56403C
7 May - 7 May 9:30am - 3:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$195 / $185 (conc)
Edward Mouanoutoua

During this course you will cover the following content:

  • Understanding the iPad, Apps, and iTunes
  • Getting to know your iPad
  • Mastering iPad settings
  • Using email & messages
  • Writing notes & reminders
  • Using the calendar
  • Using the internet
  • Playing music & videos
  • Using the camera
  • Viewing & editing photos
  • Using maps
  • Using newsstand
  • Buying and installing apps from the app store
  • Recommended apps

    Get up and running with your iPad and learn how to make the most of this great tool

Important: This class is only suitable for Apple iPads. Apple iPad is a specific brand of tablet. This course is not suitable for other brands of tablet, such as Microsoft Surface, or Samsung and similar.

Please bring along a pen and paper to the session in case you wish to take notes. The class price also includes a copy of iPad For Seniors for Dummies (R.R.P $32.95)

– Please note, this does not include an iPad – you will need to bring your own.

Please also ensure your iPad is updated to the most recent iOS and is registered on iTunes before class starts. (Later versions of iPad no longer require iTunes)
You will need to bring your iTunes password with you – the password you use for accessing the Apple store/iTunes.

If you need assistance with any of the above, please see the following link:

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