Course Summary

Pastel is an artist’s quality drawing medium of dry colour pigment formed into sticks. Pastels can be used in line work for sketching and in large areas of blended colour to create a pastel ‘painting’. It is usually drawn onto coloured art paper, some of which may be visible in the finished artwork. Artist Janet Hayes will show you how you can use pastel to produce anything from quick impressionistic sketches to more finished pastel paintings.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Material Requirements:
• Backing Board- Canite (from hardware stores) or Foamcore (from art
stores) both can be cut to size with a Stanley knife or cutter 58x78cm
• 4 large fold back or bulldog clips (from newsagents)
• 2 sheets of Canson Mi-teintes pastel paper 55x75cm, mid grey colours
(felt grey, steel grey, sand or similar colour to these) or AS Colourfix paper
in mid greys (from art stores)
• 1 stick of soft willow or vine charcoal (from art stores)
• A drop sheet- an old bed sheet or inexpensive plastic drop sheets from a
hardware store are ideal.
• An assorted set of Soft Pastels. Bring whatever you have. If you are not
ready to make a large investment in pastels and just want to try them out
you can purchase an inexpensive set such as a 24 piece Mungyo set (from
art stores and some newsagents) A guide to a basic minimum of artist
quality pastels (Rembrandt) (from art stores) follows:

3 raw Sienna 234.3 dark 234.5 mid 234.9 light
3 English Red 339.3 dark 339.5 mid 339.9 light
3 Bluish Grey 727.3 dark 727.7 mid 727.1 light
3 mars Violet 538.3 dark 538.7 mid 538.1 light
1 ultramarine deep 506.5
1 permanent green deep 619.5
1 deep yellow 202.5
1 orange 235.5
1 permanent red deep 371.5
1 blue violet 548.5
1 black
1 white
An alternative to Rembrandt pastels are Art Spectrum Pastels.
Approx. Cost:
$50 including an inexpensive small set of pastels or
$100 including suggested Rembrandts

Notification of a class cancellation will be advised 48 hours prior to the course commencement date. We advise to purchase your materials once you have received email confirmation that your class is proceeding as scheduled. All efforts are made to ensure that our classes proceed to avoid disappointment.


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