Course Summary

Join Bruno Zielke, long-time member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria, as he examines a different thought-provoiking topic in cosmology each week. 

  • Why was Einstein so famous?
  • Formation and life of black holes
  • Is time an illusion?
  • Models of cosmology
  • What do we know for sure?

Course Sessions

Monday, 15th July - 5 classes

Session ID DNAT4301C
15 Jul - 12 Aug 11:00am - 12:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$219 / $209 (conc)
Bruno Zielke

Bruno Zielke has been a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria for over 11 years, with special interest in cosmology and quantum physics. He regularly presents at Astronomical conferences on subjects of cosmology.  Bruno has a degree in computer science and applied mathematics from RMIT and has spent most of his career in information technology.

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