Course Summary

Join Dr Douglas Adeney to investigate two major and enduring issues:1. Free Will and Determinism. Do we have any genuine freedom of choice? Or is everything we do fully determined by factors in our heredity and/or environment? 2. The Nature of Morality. Are there ‘objective’ moral truths to be known? Or do moral views merely express ideals or preferences, produced by varying kinds of society and upbringing?

About Douglas Adeney

Dr Douglas Adeney lectured in philosophy for many years at Melbourne State College and then the University of Melbourne. Since 2011 he has greatly enjoyed teaching numerous CAE philosophy courses.

A non-academic friend of his was once asked by his wife what Doug did for a living. On hearing that he was a philosopher, she said ‘Oooh, he must be very intelligent … Or is he just weird?’ Come and decide for yourself.

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