Course Summary

Pam Chessell will take you on a fantastic journey as she considers some of the most notirious tyrants and traitors through the ages. Each session will be discussion based and prior to sessions 2, 3 and 4participants will be given detailed information on the tyrants and those judged to be traitors.  Participants will need to read this information in readiness for discussion.

Session 1

Definitions and discussion of concepts

Issues to be considered will include: What do we mean by the terms -tyranny and treason? What are the behavioural characteristics and personal attributes of tyrants and traitors?  What is the difference between a tyrant, an autocrat, a demagogue and a megalomaniac?  What behaviours caused these tyrants to judge others to be traitors? Over time, have judgements of treacherous behaviour changed?  Are modern-day tyrants substantively different from those of the past? Consideration of these and other issues will prepare participants for discussion of historical figures who have usually been judged to be tyrants.


Session 2

King Henry VIII


Session 3

Chairman Mao Zedong


Session 4

Current Examples

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 2nd June - 4 classes

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2 Jun - 23 Jun 10:30am - 12:00pm
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$189 / $180 (conc)
Pamela Chessell
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