Course Summary

A gentler exercise pace for beginners and those with arthritis or back problems. Improve joint health with exercise.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 24th July - 9 classes

Session ID DJE80903C
24 Jul - 18 Sep 11:45am - 12:45pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$185 / $176 (conc)
Liz Ede

For the less active and those new to fitness programs. Simple movements and exercises at a gentler pace for improving muscle and joint health. Exercises are modified to suit individual needs and abilities. No floor work.

  • Warm up with slow, rhythmical, stretching movements that work through the major muscle and joint groups
  • Gently increase the heart rate with uncomplicated routines and moderately paced locomotion
  • Maintain good posture and prevent falls with strength and balance work using a chair for support
  • Cool down seated in a chair with gentle yoga based stretches, breathing exercises and relaxation
  • Caters to a range of abilities in a caring and friendly atmosphere
  • Encouragement to work at own pace and to listen to your own body
  • Improve general fitness levels, flexibility, strength and function
  • Individual guidance in safe exercise technique, back care and posture

For the less active over 50’s men and women suffering from various health problems such as arthritis, who find it difficult exercising on the floor or those who wish to work at a more gentle pace without complicated choreography.

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