Course Summary

It is universally accepted that marketing is a core function in any business, big or small. However, not every business operator has a clear view of how to effectively implement marketing strategies and leverage the tools available that can contribute to the business success.

This course is designed specifically for the small business owners in mind. It covers how good marketing positively impact the business eco-system for the business operator. It will also explain in clear terms the importance of understanding the difference between a strategy and tactics and how to select the right marketing tools that can help meet the business goals set.

Course content:

This compact workshop will help you understand the following:

  • The difference between marketing strategy vs marketing tactic; and how to apply them
  • The impact marketing have to the business if implemented effectively
  • How to leverage the best marketing tools that is right for your business
  • Marketing mix and branding
  • Measuring marketing return on investments

There will be short activities that requires participants input during the workshop. This is a group-based activity that will help facilitate understanding on the topics covered

Course outcomes:

To provide an insight to marketing that will

  • Deliver on the business objectives/goals
  • Help business owners learn the marketing tools available at their disposal
  • Help businesses discover the positive impact of good marketing

Course Sessions

Saturday, 27th August - 1 class

Session ID SKAY4704C
27 Aug - 27 Aug 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$95 / $90 (conc)
Keat Chiew
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