Course Summary

Dutch Elementary 2 is an 18-hour course for beginners who’ve done Elementary 1 or an equivalent of 18-hours study. The content of the course has been selected to suit prospective travellers, people wanting to interact socially with the Dutch-speaking community both in Melbourne and overseas or those who would like to try their hand at learning a new language for enjoyment and cultural insight.


Course Sessions

Tuesday, 9th November - 9 classes

Session ID DLAU1302C
9 Nov - 25 Jan 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$349 / $332 (conc)
Jo Otte

No class on Dec.21, 2021 to Jan.4, 2022

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

  • introduce yourself and others and use basic expressions for meeting, greeting and saying farewell
  • engage in simple conversations to exchange information about nationalities, languages, professions
  • talk about an everyday situation
  • demonstrate basic knowledge of some cultural and social customs
  • know the alphabet and numbers up to 100
  • basic use present, past and perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs
  • knows and knows how to use: the plural of nouns, object pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, adjective endings, the adjective in comparison and adverbs



  • Textbook: Jenneke A. Oosterhoff, Basic Dutch; a grammar and workbook 2009 , Routledge Grammar Workbooks (ISBN: 978-0-415-77443-7)
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