Course Summary

Personal power enhances your success at work.  Join Jacquie Wise to learn the principles of diplomacy and the art of persuasion.  Avoid misunderstandings, deal with power-plays, handle unreasonable people and conflicts, and even influence the impossible to influence. 

This course is also suitable for those wishing to enhance their leadership skills.

Course Sessions

Monday, 24th August - 2 classes

Session ID SKAV6102C
24 Aug - 31 Aug 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$295 / $280 (conc)


  • Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Understand how personality differences influence perceptions.
  • Handle unreasonable aggressive, or dominant people.
  • Reduce hidden resentment; build rapport and trust.
  • Diffuse emotional atmospheres and control friction.
  • Handle conflict constructively.


  • Get people to change their behaviour without offending.
  • Patterns of persuasion and the fine art of changing attitudes.
  • Express opinions dynamically yet diplomatically.
  • Implement unpopular decisions.
  • Build your authority and influence in your workplace.

Team Leadership

  • Give criticism without deflating an employee.
  • Motivate people to give their best.
  • Deal with destructive behaviours that impact on others.

You will be better able to empathise with people’s needs, build trust, bring out the best in people, and communicate diplomatically, yet firmly.  Participants who apply the principles will come across as more authoritative and be able to gain respect.

Jacquie Wise is a psychotherapist in private practice, specialising in confdience-building.  In addition to facilitating short courses at adult education centres, Jacquie has designed and delivered training programs for corporations in the public and private sectors.  She has also coached many individuals to deal with difficult people and challenging situations. 

Jacquie creates a warm and supportive environment where you will be encouraged to develop solutions to the situations you face.  Role-play is encouraged.  Sessions will be a blend of demonstration, discussion of case studies and practise.


The course gave me better ways to deal with the academics in the university where I work.  (Geraldine)

I am a more confident team leader thanks to this course.  (Peter)

As a result of the techniques given in class, I am better able to understand what makes people tick.  (Jill)

After coming to your class, I was able to speak to my manager and sort out our difficulties.  Thank you, Jacquie!  (Ahmad)

I attended this course to prepare for my next career move.  The techniques have been invaluable and have given me a lot of confidence for when I deal with difficult people.  (Anjali)

I sent two of my staff members to this course to help them improve their communication with customers as well as colleagues. The impact the course has had has gone well beyond my expectations.  My employees have changed significantly since attending the course.  Thank you.  (Matt)

You will be given the opportunity to discuss your own issues and concerns in a confidential and safe environment.  Think of issues or questions you would like to discuss.

Online requirements:

As this online course is delivered via Zoom, you will need a webcam, microphone and a reasonably good internet connection.

Bring a large A4 notebook and a pen.

Those who need to:

  • Develop assertiveness at work
  • Deal with demanding and unreasonable people
  • Diminish the risk of aggressiveness in communications
  • Communicate without offending
  • Develop leadership skills
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