Course Summary

You cannot think straight when surrounded by chaos. Find out how to declutter what you do not need to create space and serenity in your home, or downsize if you need to. Develop clear organising systems to find things easily. Understand the emotions under hoarding habits.

  • How can you decide what is clutter and what is a treasure?
  • There is always room for sentimental things.
  • Create storage space where there isn’t any room.
  • Discover the reasons behind your clutter: find the right solution for the right reason.
  • Overcome the ‘where to begin’ dilemma.
  • Find out how to get out of ‘overwhelm.’
  • Decide what to do with what: clear guidelines to suit your personality
  • Options: how to get rid of clutter without feeling guilty
  • Organise your storage and work spaces so you never lose anything again
  • What to do with other people using your home as a storage dump
  • Make lifestyle and downsizing decisions easy

From this course, you will:

  • Recognise the emotional reasons for your clutter
  • Know what steps you can take to heal that wound
  • Know how to deal with overwhelm and other emotions
  • Understand how to make good decisions without regret
  • Understand your personality and work with, not against it.
  • Gain many ideas, tips and techniques to get started
  • Know how to turn your home into a sanctuary
  • Get all your questions answered

Please bring a note pad and pen and your list of questions and have ready the handouts that Jacquie will send you in advance of the class.

Suitable for anyone burdened disorganised living and working spaces, or who needs to declutter to downsize their home or just create more space, serenity and family harmony. Those who are working from home and need effective systems in limited space.

Jacquie Wise is a psychotherapist, Master Certified Coach and facilitator of workshops aimed at transforming lives.Her work with individuals includes helping hoarders and people who need to make difficult decisions, organising clutter and establishing efficient systems to suit your personality and your needs, in your office or at home.

Student endorsements:

  • ‘Through your delicate yet firm approach, your clear guidelines and your sense of humour, I can truly say I am now really enjoying waking up each morning. I can breathe! Thank you, Jacquie.’ JC 
  • ‘I feel I am able to come out of a big black hole. I can see the emotional reasons I am a hoarder and can see how I can get out of my hole. You made me see how it’s manageable and I’m very grateful.’ PW
  • ‘The structure you’ve provided in the class makes me feel less overwhelmed. I didn’t expect nearly so much attention given to the emotional reasons we build up clutter. I can understand now, and I can’t thank you enough.’ CD

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Please bring a note pad and pen and your list of questions and have ready the handouts that Jacquie will send you in advance of the class.

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