Course Summary

Croatian: Elementary 1 gives you the opportunity to learn basic grammar rules, allowing you to start daily conversations and giving you a good base for your vocabulary.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of grammar and be able to construct basic sentences and dialogues. The course will give you a chance to write simple essays and encourage you to speak in Croatian. You will improve your interpersonal skills and have lots of fun with your classmates.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 13th October - 11 classes

Session ID DLAC4304C
13 Oct - 22 Dec 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$349 / $332 (conc)
Ana Buljubasic

After completing the course you will gain the following language skills:

  • Spelling and reading.
  • Recognising gender of nouns and adjectives, singular and plural.
  • Introducing yourself and greeting.
  • Construct simple sentences and dialogues.
  • Learning basic vocabulary and present tense grammar rules.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

If you have previously completed some Croatian tuition, you need to contact CAE for a skill assessment prior to enrolling.

N.B. CAE withdrawal policy does not allow for refund or transfer once the course has started in the event that the level of the class is not suitable.

  • Class Materials:
    • Textbook: HRVATSKI ZA POCETNIKE 1, Udzbenik i rjecnik, M.Cilas-Mikulic, M. Gulesic Machata, D. Pasini, S.L. Udier, HRVATSKA SVEUCILISNA NAKLADA, ZAGREB 2013, ISBN: 953-169-123-1.
    • Workbook: HRVATSKI ZA POCETNIKE 1 – Vjezbenica i gramaticki pregled, , M.Cilas-Mikulic, M. Gulesic Machata, D. Pasini, S.L. Udier, HRVATSKA SVEUCILISNA NAKLADA, ZAGREB 2013, ISBN: 978-953-169-186-4.

Available from: Croatia Books Melbourne.

***Cancellations or postponements are notified 48 hours before class commencement. Please consider this before purchasing class materials***

For further information please contact Languages Centre on 96520677 or email:


The course is suitable for beginners and ideal for you if you are interested in travelling or living in any Balkan countries. Knowing Croatian will allow you to communicate and to be understood in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Learning another language is like growing a new soul, how good is that!

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