Course Summary

Overcome your creative inhibitions! Plot and pencil a 6 page mini-comic in 6 hours! In this workshop Sarah Howell, founding member of the comic and illustrator collective known as Squishface Comic Studio, will inspire you to create your own (small) comic book, ready to print.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 20th October - 1 class

Session ID HXZ98504C
20 Oct - 20 Oct 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$169 / $161 (conc)
Sarah Howell

The day will start with a brief tutorial on drawing expressive faces which will lead into a story prompt exercise that students can use as the basis for their short comic. Students coming to the course with a pre-existing story idea are welcome to pick a scene from that existing project to work on. Sarah Howell will mentor students as they progress with their work over the day.

At the end of the 6 hours students will be expected to have created an A6 sized booklet containing 4-6 pages of penciled comic art and story.

Sarah Howell draws comics and mentors others in how to make comics. She is Co-Founder of Squishface Comic Studio, a collective of comic creators and illustrators; Co-Presenter of Triple R radio’s Graphic Nature; and she is on the Homecooked Comics Festival Steering Committee (after 4 years as Festival Director).

There are no prerequisites for this course. No drawing skills are necessary, you can use stick figures if you need to.

Students will be required to bring to class:

HB graphite pencil or non-photo blue pencil


Pencil sharpener


Sketchbook or loose paper

Black fine line marker pen or a brushpen

Whiteout or white sticky labels for making corrections

Other materials to be advised in the first session.




Students who have a strong interest in writing and storytelling; both fiction and non-fiction. Or students looking to compliment their existing visual narrative practice, such as film-makers and animators.

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