Course Summary

Artist Janet Hayes will demonstrate, step by step, how to create a beautiful black and white sketch on grey toned paper. You will learn the steps to create a unique portrait sketch with a believable likeness from your own photo.

Course Sessions

Sunday, 24th July - 1 class

Session ID HXAZ0001L
24 Jul - 24 Jul 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location LIL
Session Fees
$165 / $157 (conc)
Janet Hayes

Please bring the following materials to class:

• Backing Board-Foamcore (from art stores) can be cut to size with a Stanley knife or cutter 52x66cm 
• 4 large fold back or bulldog clips (from newsagents) 
• 10 sheets of ‘butcher’s’ or ‘bulky news’ drawing paper for padding underneath pastel paper (from art stores)
• 1 sheet of Canson Mi-tientes pastel paper 50x64cm, mid grey colours or Canson MiTex in mid greys
• 1 medium stick of soft willow or vine charcoal 
• 1 stick of white pastel
• 1 A4 black and white photo to work from, you can also use a photographic image on an iPad or similar as an alternative to a printed photograph

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