Course Summary

This masterclass is designed and delivered for content marketing, communications and social media practitioners (bloggers) as well as those interested in learning the craft of copywriting in all media and SEO for onliners. The course takes you into the strategic and creative process of defining, articulating and constructing an effective communication piece and user experience, directly revealing the theory and practice of clear, concise and compelling writing (even when SEO is involved).

Course Sessions

Thursday, 2nd May - 2 classes

Session ID HAV23303C
2 May - 9 May 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$600 / $570 (conc)
Nicolas Di Tempora

‘A few words composed with insight can speak volumes.’ Nicolas Di Tempora

How do you arrest attention and compel your target audience to read on to the very last word? How do you build credibility into content without falling into the habits of conceit, cliché and cleverness? How do you make all your written content flow with tone, imagery, rhythm and structure? And how online do you SEO without dumbing all that good writing into spam?


Throughout the Copywriting Masterclass you will learn:

  • The Communication Strategy (identifying “the story”)
  • Generating Concepts (headline & image)
  • Propositional Content (visible and underlying)
  • Effective Word Choices
  • Directional Syntax (moving story forward)
  • Story Structure (Anatomy of Body Copy, Inverted Pyramid & Food 4 Web Copy)
  • Ten Principles of Clear Writing for Effective Communication
  • The Narrative Spine
  • How to Override the F Shape Eye Scan on Screen


Individual Projects will then cover the following:

  • How Sentences Grow
  • Prose Rhythm (the sound of your written words)
  • The Rhythm of Twos, Threes and Fours
  • Cumulative Syntax
  • Balancing Sentences and Forms
  • Prompts of Comparisons & Explanations (similes, metaphors and multiple purpose writing)
  • Data Information Knowledge Insight Ladder
  • Abstract Versus Concrete Thinkers
  • Hugh Mackay’s Ten Desires That Drive Us
  • Before & After Case Studies


As part of this course all students receive a copy of Nicolas’s book ‘Copywriting in Action’ R.R.P $35.00

By the end of the Masterclass students will have have learned:

  • Practical knowledge and insight of the copywriting process.
  • A map to more effective communication via THE ANATOMY OF BODYCOPY and FOOD 4 WEB COPY.
  • Hands-on experience of transforming generic communication into a genuine dialogue with your target audience.
  • Techniques and methodology to insight thinking and composing engaging sentences.
  • The 7 rules of how to judge your work.

‘Nicolas explains copywriting and the creative process simply, entertainingly and accurately. Bloody hard to do all three and make it look effortless.’ Jane Caro, copywriter and media commentator.

Writer Mission Statement: make a few words speak volumes.
Editor Mission Statement: make the writer look remarkable.

Nicolas Di Tempora is a unique combination of professional copywriter / editor and qualified educator, working with a diverse range commercial, government, academic, social and not-for-profit organisations.

His professional track record includes twenty years in leading-edge advertising agencies (JWT Worldwide, DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi) as an award winning copywriter and art director. His next phase was as Creative Director of his own agency, The Di Tempora Group. He is also the author of Copywriting in Action, the highly acclaimed book on professional writing in all media.

Today, he divides his professional commitments between freelancing writing, editing and delivering professional development courses for professional communicators. His PD programs have earned a reputation among marketing and communications practitioners as the PD program of choice.

His qualifications include BA (English Literature & History), Monash University; Dip Ed (Humanities), Monash University; and Advanced Diploma Professional Screenwriting (Film, Television & Digital Media), RMIT; Certificate IV Training & Assessment, CAE and Swinburne University. He is a member of Writers Victoria and Editors Victoria.


This highly practical, interactive and collaborative learning experience is spearheaded by participants’ chosen Individual Project. You may email an initial draft (up to 500 words) to Nicolas Di Tempora at at least 24 hours before Session One.

Samples of class works can be viewed at

*** Please note, Individual Project work does not aim to complete your project. It is designed as a practical means of demonstrating, applying and discussing the principles, skills and methodologies of the course content.

Please bring a pen and paper along to each session. You’re also welcome to bring your laptop but it is not mandatory.

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