Course Summary

In this higher level class you will learn a range of exercises to strengthen the feet and lower legs in preparation for pointe work. The principles of pointe work will be introduced, and simple pointe steps will be learned off pointe. Adult ballet students who want to understand and experience pointe work are encouraged to enrol in this class.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Pre pointe strengthening exercises (floor based and standing), basic pointe steps at barre and in the centre. Emphasis will be on correct alignment of foot and lower leg, upper body control and alignment, and perfecting ballet technique. At the end of the course students will be assessed to see if they are ready to go on to pointe.

Students should have a minimum of 6 months Classical Ballet experience at CAE (preferably Level 2 or 3) or elsewhere at similar level. If unsure, do phone CAE on 9652 0611.

Footwear requirements are the same as for Classical Ballet & Pre Pointe. Soft ballet shoes in canvas or leather, split or full sole, any colour, with elastics. Demi Pointes are NOT recommended however if students are keen on satin shoes they can get satin ballet flats and sew ribbons on them.

Those students who have been studying ballet for some time and are curious about pointe work.

Last updated: December 11, 2019 12:11pm