Course Summary

Learn the fundamentals of Thai cuisine while preparing classic dishes including ‘Crying Tiger’ Rare Beef Salad, Yellow Seafood Curry and Coconut Sticky Rice Pudding.

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 25th September - 1 class

Session ID DHAT2902C
25 Sep - 25 Sep 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$165 / $157 (conc)

Create a delicious three course Thai dinner with chef Travis Tong


“Crying Tiger” rare beef salad.

Learn about: Marinating beef, preparing crying tiger dressing, Thai salad herbs


Seafood Yellow curry

Learn about: foundation of making curry paste, seafood handling – filleting fish, cleaning mussels, preparing seafood stock


Coconut sago sticky rice pudding, mung bean

Learn about: a perfect marriage of coconut cream and pandan leaf, sticky rice preparation


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