Course Summary

Cyanotype or sun print is an antique photographic printing process developed in the 1800s by surrealist artist Man Ray.  In this workshop we will create striking blue prints on fine art paper and cloth by using a combination of two safe chemicals that, when mixed together and exposed under sunlight, produce a cyan coloured print… the original ‘blueprint’.

What students will learn from this workshop:

  • a little about the history and potential of Cyanotype
  • the complete cyanotype process
  • Experiment on paper and fabric

What students will take home:

  • A number of prints or cards on fine art paper and cloth.

Please note: this class is delivered at Ola Cohn Centre, 41-43 Gipps St East Melbourne.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

About Artist Anne Thoday

Anne’s practice is seated largely within the realm of contemporary environmental art. She is a multi-disciplinary artist producing works that arouse an appreciation and reverence for the natural world.  See,

Please bring a pen/pencil and notebook.

Please be advised: class is delivered at Ola Cohn Centre 41-43 Gipps St East Melbourne. You may wish to bring your own lunch and drinks as there are not many shops nearby.

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