Course Summary

In this relaxed and enjoyable introduction, learn the fundamentals of calligraphy and its materials. Develop regular letter and word spacing with minuscules (lowercase), learn how to create line ruling templates and simple layouts and how to use colours. Learn essential pen and ink techniques and basic letter, word and simple layout composition. These skills will provide a solid base for the student to both continue development at home and explore options for further lettering courses.

This course is suitable for beginners as well as those with previous lettering experience. 



Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

This calligraphy course is delivered through a combination of demonstration and individual instruction. You will learn essential pen and ink techniques, and letter, word and layout composition. These skills will provide a solid base for students to continue development at home and to explore options for further lettering courses.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Establish fundamentals of calligraphy.
  • Develop regular letter and word spacing with minuscules (lowercase).
  • Learn how to rule up lines and make your own line ruling templates.
  • Capitals: Roman letter proportions and letter spacing.
  • Experienced students will learn the addition of serifs and variations to highly versatile Roman minuscules.
  • How to make a simple layout.
  • Use contrasts: size, weight and colour.
  • Combine size, weight and colour to enhance a simple layout.
  • Learn how to practice with simple patterns to create interesting texture with colour and shading.
  • Learn how to create simple layouts and use colours.
  • Be introduced to many materials and tools how to use them all.
  • Receive a lot of individual instruction.
  • See plenty of hands-on demonstration.
  • Learn how to draw the letters stroke by stroke.
  • Work through the letter groups to establish letterform.
  • Develop regular letter and word spacing.
  • Learn how to develop focused mindful practice.
  • Learn how to maintain the Pilot Parallel Pen.
  • Learn how to mix gouache and blend colours.
  • How to make a simple layout.
  • Learn how to practice using simple patterns
  • An introduction to studio materials & tools.

Introduction to Calligraphy Uncial – a simple modern version of an early historical beauty.

Uncial is ideal for beginners to learn and it is one of the most popular among today’s scribes. The wide, open letterforms make for a majestic, contrasting and elaborate style, which is easy to modernise. 

Uncial emerged in the 4th century A.D. and was used as a manuscript bookhand until roughly the 9th century.  The Uncial letterforms are considered to be a majuscule (capitals) alphabet only, having no accompanying minuscule (lowercase).


Lauchean Duncan is a practising commercial calligrapher, lettering artist and teacher, with 28 years' studio experience as The Graphic Quill. She has studied overseas and in Australia with Master Scribes from the United Kingdom, USA, Belgium, Germany, France and Australia.

Lauchean initially trained at the College of Decoration, first developing pen and brush skills in the early 80s and started her teaching in the mid-1980s throughout Melbourne and across Victoria.

Drawing on knowledge from traditional and contemporary techniques, the tools of the “Scribe,” Lauchean is excited by what she sees as the evolving art of calligraphy as a modern artform in a changing technological world.

Lauchean firmly believes that to teach is to learn twice. She takes great pleasure in watching her students' skills grow and she delights in seeing students blossom and develop with their achievements.

You must bring the following exact materials to the first session:

  • Pilot Parallel Pen: size 3.8mm with the green cap.
  • Black and coloured cartridges (Pilot Mixable Colour 12 assorted.)
  • Canson A3 or A4 Bank or bond paper – or Reflex Ultra white
  • Pencil HB
  • Ruler
  • Fine Liner pen – black

Students need these exact materials. They can be purchased directly from one particular provider recommended by the Calligraphy teacher: West Art Supplies, 44 Buckley St Footscray, phone 03-9687 5845. This supplier offers a discount to CAE students of Calligraphy.

Please be advised that not all stationery retailers stock the correct materials needed for this course.

CAE notice: class cancellation – when necessary – is communicated to students 48 hours prior to course commencement. Thereifore it is best to purchase materials only when you have received email confirmation that the class will proceed. We make every effort to ensure that classes proceed to avoid disappointment.

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