Course Summary

This course shows you how you too can confidently take control of your own travel plans, focusing on initial research and planning, budgets, travel arrangements – airlines, cruises, coaches, accommodation, transfers, specific do’s and don’ts, safety issues and economising.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Be your own travel agent


– Where to start – what research to do.

– Identify what type of traveller you are

– Define the experience you want

– Work out your budget

– Flights/airlines/airfares – tips, best ideas, do’s and dont’s

– Cruises – tips, ideas, suggestions, do’s/dont’s

– Coach tours – tips, ideas, suggestions, do’s/dont’s

– Accommodation – tips, ideas, suggestions, on a variety of traditional accommodation (hotels, resorts, Bed & Breakfast, etc) as well as alternative options such as farm-stays, Air BnB, working holidays.

– Transfers – internal car/ bus/ coach transfers and best options for getting from A to B

– Maximising the experience – tips for travelling internally within a country/ city/ destination

– Handy hints – e.g. safety, economising, who to go to for what

Those with an interest in travel and keen to make their own arrangements.

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