Course Summary

This course covers basic chords, strums and finger picking through folk, pop, classical and rock songs. Become competent in basic chords, strum rhythm to suit a variety of songs, learn to read notes and tablature. BYO guitar .

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 31st July - 6 classes

Session ID HWA45605C
31 Jul - 4 Sep 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$329 / $313 (conc)
Jeff Harrison

Playing the guitar is a good way to relax, as the instrument is easily transportable. This is a hands-on course designed for guitar lovers of all ages as well as teachers who would like to incorporate music and singing in their lesson plans.
It includes parts of the guitar, tuning, open strings, basic chords , simple chord progressions, blues, different strumming patterns, finger picking, reading notes and tablature.
Each class begins with tuning, which enables the group to play together. Revision of the previous lesson then follows on by discussing and resolving any problems arising from the last lesson.
One or a number of new techniques are then introduced which are related to songs that become the tasks to work on for the following lesson.
There is also an opportunity to listen to recorded songs so that students can hear how the guitar is used in various musical styles.
While the class works as a group in a relaxed and friendly environment, there is also time for some individual tuition. Homework is set at the end of each class and regular practice at home is encouraged.

A course for guitar lovers of all ages

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • identify various parts of the guitar
  • recognise and play basic chords
  • strum rhythms to suit a variety of songs
  • finger-pick patterns to suit different songs
  • read notes and tablature
  • play a variety of songs individually and with other people
  • listen to recordings and recognise how the guitar is used in various musical styles.

Andrew McCubbin

BYO guitar (nylon strings recommended – easier on fingers)

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