Course Summary

Join tutor Jacquie Wise and empower yourself to deal constructively with difficult people without losing control or letting yourself be walked over. Achieve the best outcome for all concerned whilst retaining mutual respect and enhancing the relationship.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 5th October - 1 class

Session ID DNO05404C
5 Oct - 5 Oct 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$199 / $190 (conc)

Occupational Relevance:

Success in business rests on success in handling people: a manager needs to delegate to, correct and motivate staff, teams need to know how to reach productive outcomes quickly and harmoniously, and those dealing with the public need the skills to enhance the service they provide to customers. Everyone needs to know how to set boundaries diplomatically.

Personal Relevance:

Assertiveness is directly connected to self-esteem and is an essential skill for harmonious relationships and personal confidence and happiness.

Course Outline:

• Principles of clear communication and how to avoid misunderstandings
• The difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours
• The art of persuasion
• How to say ‘no’ diplomatically
• How to avoid common errors in delegation (or in receiving instructions)
• Coping with criticism
• How to criticise constructively
• Dealing with abusive and aggressive people
• Communication techniques for sensitive situations

Teaching Methodology:

Periods of short explanations followed by discussion. Questions and discussion of individual problems encouraged throughout, although at all times any request for confidentiality will be respected. Visual aids and written support notes are used. In addition, participants are encouraged to take their own notes. The emphasis is on developing practical and realistic resolutions to negative situations.

Course Objectives: Participants can expect to acquire:

• An understanding of the reasons for communication breakdown
• An awareness of techniques for particular requirements
• Practical skills for immediate use to deal with specific problems

Expected Outcomes: Application of the techniques learnt will enable participants to:

• Minimise misunderstandings and the resultant conflict
• Be more assertive in their interaction with others
• Improve their professional or personal relationships
• Be confident communicators; firm, yet diplomatic

Jacquie Wise is a psychotherapist and life coach who has spent a lifetime providing assistance to clients and students across a range of Personal Development themes, focusing on positive personal effectiveness and professional development.

Please bring a note pad and pen.

All those involved in face-to-face communication, whose success depends on their skill in dealing constructively with demanding situations or people, whether personal or professional.

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