Course Summary

This online Apple Mac course is an introductory level and useful for those wanting a better knowledge of their Mac. It will also improve the knowledge of those with some Mac experience. And review of common mac issues and problems.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Course content:

How to get around your mac

Efficient set up of your Mac, use of the doc and desktop, creation of files and organizing folders.  Finding your Applications, files and Downloads, deleting files and creating space on your Mac.  Understanding your home folder, Pictures Folder, saving and duplication of files. Create Screen captures.

Microsoft Word and Overview of Microsoft Excel Basics

Creating and saving documents. Working with text structure, copying, pasting and  layout of text. Formatting and spacing of docs and shortcuts to improve your skills in creating and layout of documents.

Creating introductory Excel spreadsheets. Use of columns, rows headings, and basic formulas, creating tables, spacing and insertion of new information


Using USB and external drives. Overview of the differing ports  – USB USB-C Ethernet on the mac. Time Machine backup and backup options and ways to  improve the safety of your data.  

The Web

Finding and organising information efficiently, keeping and organising favorites/bookmarks, to get the most benefit using Safari and Chrome.


Using Apple Mail to send and receive mail and create contacts, deal with spam mail, add and read attachments and introductory look at Gmail


Using the Apple Photos program on your Mac to import photos, basic scanning, editing and improving your photos, organizing albums and folders to have photos structured correctly, and photo sizing

The cloud

What is the cloud?, Into to Dropbox, apple ID, iCloud photo library and iCloud documents ,  benefits and limitations. What is Bluetooth?

Viruses and malware

Do Macs get viruses? How to avoid Malware  on your Mac,  email scams and  Mac security.

Options for dealing with passwords

Upon completion of this course participants will:

  • Know how to start and use a computer
  • Know how to open and use an application
  • Find out about the most common Apple applications

No prior knowledge required. Familiarity with keyboard recommended.

Online requirements:

As this online course is delivered via Zoom, you will need a webcam, microphone and a reasonably good internet connection. 

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