Course Summary

Apple computers are well known for their simplistic design and ease of use though to someone unfamiliar there’s a definite learning curve. This course will teach you practical knowledge of the Apple Mac computer through use and discussion of the various systems. Become familiar with the most common applications and the way they integrate with the internet.



Course Sessions

Thursday, 23rd August - 2 classes

Session ID SRN26203C
23 Aug - 30 Aug 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$365 / $347 (conc)
Peter Green

The course covers the following subjects:

  • The Mac OSX Environment
  • Using the mouse
  • Introduction to OSX Windows
  • Folders & Files
  • The Trash
  • Word processing in MS Word
  • Word processing in AppleWorks
  • Spreadsheet in Excel
  • Shortcuts – autofill, autosum
  • Spreadsheet in AppleWorks
  • Database in FileMaker
  • Database in AppleWorks
  • Apple menu
  • Find File
  • Surfing the Web on Safari
  • Email
  • Working with CD’s
  • Using a Flash drive
  • Shutting Down
  • Storage
  • The Dock
  • Changing OSX to suit your needs
  • Major changes from OS9

Upon completion of this course participants will:

  • Know how to start and use a computer
  • Know how to open and use an application
  • Find out about the most common Macintosh applications

No prior knowledge required. Familiarity with keyboard recommended.

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