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Explore the world at your own pace

Touring the world by bicycle offers endless possibilities for adventure, discovery and truly independent travel.

Experienced world bicycle traveller Anna Kortschak has been there, done that and is here to tell you all about it. Whether you’re interested in bicycle touring yourself or just interested in the possibility of adventure travel as a whole, this fantastic course covers everything from the many different options available when choosing a bike and gear and how those choices might shape your trip.

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Course content

Anna will talk about basic bike maintenance and repairs, gear that you can make yourself, how to find your way (and the creative possibilities of getting lost) and why it is that 99.9% of the time you are perfectly safe. You’ll discover (if you don’t already know it) that the world is your oyster and that there is probably nowhere on earth that you can’t go on a bicycle if you really want to.

In addition to tips on the practical side of cycle touring, this course will investigate the ideal and reality of sustainable tourism and the possibility of genuine engagement, as a tourist, with other cultures and the natural environment.

Delivered by: Anna Kortschak

Anna Kortschak spent over six years travelling by bicycle alone in Europe and the Americas. She rode on dirt tracks in the mountains, footpaths through forests and swamps, and sandy roads down beaches and camped in the wilderness.  She embarked without a clue but by the end of her trip she had written the Mexico and Central American section of the 3rd Edition of Trailblazer’s Adventure Cycle-touring Handbook and had had photos and articles appear in publications including the Australian Cyclist, Departures Magazine, The Other Hundred Project, and the Huffington Post. And her entire view of the world had been radically and permanently altered.

Anna has studied – formally and informally – acrobatics, art, culture, languages, international and community development, gender studies and more.

Learn more about Anna and her travels at her blog: a thousand turns…notes on finding my way home…

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