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A bicycle tour offers endless possibilities for freedom, discovery and truly independent travel.

Experienced world bicycle traveller, Anna Kortschak, discusses some of some the different options available when choosing a bike and gear and how those choices might shape your trip.

Anna will talk about basic bike maintenance and repairs, gear that you can make yourself, how to find your way (and the creative possibilities of getting lost) and why it is that 99.9% of the time you are perfectly safe. You’ll discover (if you don’t already know it) that the world is your oyster and that there is probably nowhere on earth that you can’t go on a bicycle if you really want to.

In addition to tips on the practical side of cycle touring, this course will investigate the ideal and reality of sustainable tourism and the possibility of genuine engagement, as a tourist, with other cultures and the natural environment.

About Anna Kortschak

Anna Kortschak spent over six years travelling by bicycle alone in Europe and the Americas. She rode on dirt tracks in the mountains, footpaths through forests and swamps, and sandy roads down beaches and camped in the wilderness.  She embarked without a clue but by the end of her trip she had written the Mexico and Central American section of the 3rd Edition of Trailblazer’s Adventure Cycle-touring Handbook and had had photos and articles appear in publications including the Australian Cyclist, Departures Magazine, The Other Hundred Project, and the Huffington Post. And her entire view of the world had been radically and permanently altered.

Anna has studied – formally and informally – acrobatics, art, culture, languages, international and community development, gender studies and more.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 20th July - 1 class

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20 Jul - 20 Jul 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location CAE
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$85 / $81 (conc)
Anna Kortschak

A bicycle tour offers endless possibilities for freedom, discovery and a truly independent travel experience. Anna Kortschak provides you with the inspiration and practical advice to get you pedalling on your way!

Rapidly fast-forwarding through a bachelor degree in visual arts acquired in her youth, Anna decided at a significantly more advanced age than is usual to become an acrobat. She spent the next seven years swinging on a trapeze, balancing precariously, and viewing the world from odd angles.

In between performances and training Anna developed art and media projects for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in youth centres, community art centres, schools, juvenile detention centres and prisons in Sydney – and this also taught her a few different ways to look at the world.

Finally her itchy feet led Anna to a favela community on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she spent over three years working at a community arts and activity centre for young people.

Anna left Brazil for the UK to work on the managerial side of NGO life but after a year and a half in London it began to seem rather grey. So she left on her bicycle and travelled east. Her final destination was Prague in the Czech Republic but she went by way of the Danube River travelling three and a half thousand kilometres from its source in the Black Forest in Germany to where it enters the Black Sea in Romania.

Anna was absolutely hooked by the charms of travelling by bicycle and between 2009 and 2015 she rode from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the bottom of South America on dirt tracks in the mountains, footpaths through forests and swamps, and sandy roads down beaches.

Since then she has alternated her peripatetic meditations on her bike with periods spent in retreat doing some serious inner voyaging.

Anna has written about her travels at athousandturns. She has had writing and photographs published in books and journals including The Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook, Australian Cyclist, and The Other Hundred book project. She has also given a number of presentations at various locations.

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